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What is Hyrdo Jetting?

High pressure water Jetting is an environmentally safe way to clean drains and sewer pipes. It is a high-pressure hose with specialized ends connected to powerful machine that pressurizes the water. The result is a powerful water stream that clear drains of debris. As the water gets forced down the drain it will push out mineral build-up, grease, hair, sludge, and even some roots. The result will leave your drains like new.

Restaurants and commercial establishments may require frequent water jetting to keep lines free of grease buildup and sludge that accumulate from consist use. We can set you up on a scheduled program for water jetting services. Some companies may need it annually while others may need quarterly or even monthly cleaning. If you keep the drains clean there will be less downtime from problems
Do not try this at home. Our license plumbers will need to inspect your pipes before they get started to insure no damage is done. If your drain pipes are week, or damaged it can cause a serious problem.
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